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      Medically Supervised Weight Loss Huntsville AL

      Medical Weight Loss Huntsville AL

      Seeking help to reach and maintain a healthy weight? You’ve made it to the right place!

      People come to our office seeking information on weight loss surgery or guidance on a medically supervised weight loss program. We are uniquely positioned to provide both! Our program features a board-certified surgeon who specializes in weight loss surgery, and the only dietitian in the state of Alabama who is a certified specialist in obesity and weight management. Whether a medically supervised weight loss program is part of the the insurance approval process for surgery or your ultimate goal, our experienced dietitian, Tracy Ganem, is wired to help you succeed.

      The Challenges of Losing Weight

      Weight loss isn’t easy, especially on your own. Food is plentiful and easy to get. From the plethora of fast food restaurants to that tray of goodies a co-worker brings to work, without a plan and support, it is far too easy to overeat or eat food that does not maintain optimal health. Add any stress to the situation and the chance to be successful on our own diminishes further.

      We Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

      Luckily, you don’t have to navigate this world alone. Our dietitian, Tracy Ganem, will be your coach and partner. During your first appointment, the two of you will explore the habits and styles of eating that have become your norm. From there, you will start working on behavior changes-one step at a time. Who chooses this first step? You do. Tracy’s part in your relationship isn’t to judge you or tell you what to do-it’s to assist you in what you want to achieve. You will leave this appointment with a personalized plan that you can realistically follow.

      Follow-up appointments will be spent discussing what worked, what didn’t, what changes you can make to be more successful, and what additional strategies you might use as you take the next step toward your individualized goal. Following up with your team is vital to long-term results and guess what? These appointments will be fun! Tracy brings enjoyment to everyone’s weight loss journey!

      Before you know it, you have developed new, healthier habits and strategies. You have equipped yourself with tools that help you be healthier, feel better, and achieve the ability to maintain the new you.

      Regardless of whether you have surgery or not, the path to greater health is available and we are passionate about helping you take that first step and walking beside you for each step thereafter. Let us be a part of your team!

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