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      Gastric Sleeve Surgery Huntsville AL

      Gastric Sleeve Surgery Huntsville AL

      What is the Gastric Sleeve?

      The gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive weight loss procurement. It is one of the most common weight loss procedures in the US and has been shown to have excellent results.

      During the gastric sleeve, Dr. Boyett removes the lateral portion of the stomach and in doing so, changes the size and shape of the stomach from the size of a small watermelon to that of a small banana. This sleeve reduces the total volume of the stomach by up to 90%, which means the amount of food you can take in is far less.

      This surgery has been shown to drastically change the hormonal communication back to the brain which helps to change the patient’s relationship with food and metabolism.

      Advantages of the Gastric Sleeve

      • Your intestines stay intact and are not rerouted as in the gastric bypass, which means fewer vitamin malabsorption issues and a lower chance of intestinal obstruction
      • Average excess body weight loss of 60%.
      • A signaling portion of the stomach is removed, which helps to reduce food cravings
      • Can be converted to a gastric bypass if needed

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      Gastric Sleeve Huntsville AL

      Risks of the Sleeve Gastrectomy

      • Stomach may stretch over time
      • Leak, which can lead to an infection
      • Stricture if the sleeve is too small
      • Reflux

      What to Expect with a Gastric Sleeve

      Dr. Boyett performs a gastric sleeve procedure laparoscopically, which means he places several small incisions in the belly and uses specialized instruments to remove the portion of the stomach. The operation usually takes about an hour, and most patients stay overnight in the hospital.

      After the surgery, you will have a strict diet that is very important to follow to help achieve optimal results and not stretch the gastric sleeve.

      Most patients lose an average of 60% excess body weight although individual results depend heavily on your dedication to the lifestyle and dietary changes. This surgery is a very effective tool to help enable you to achieve your goals and is quickly becoming the most popular bariatric surgery worldwide due to its simplicity and great results.

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