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      What is a Hernia?

      A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue pushes through a weak spot in a muscle or connective tissue that is supposed to contain it. This may appear as a lump that you can feel standing or otherwise straining but disappears when you are lying down.

      Hernias usually happen due to two factors: increased pressure and muscle weakness.

      Increased pressure can be caused by excessive coughing/sneezing, lifting heavy objects, diarrhea, or constipation.

      Weakening of the muscle can be due to how you were born, obesity, and smoking.

      Hernias do not resolve on their own and require surgery to repair and prevent dangerous complications. Hernias may start as a simple lump but can progress to mild pain, severe pain, bowel obstruction, and even internal organ compromise.

      Types of Hernias

      Common types of hernias include:

      • Inguinal - Upper groin area
      • Incisional - Area around an incision
      • Femoral - Lower groin area
      • Umbilical - Belly button area
      • Hiatal - Upper stomach area into the chest
      • Ventral - Belly area

      Hernia Surgery

      Dr. Daniel Boyett performs minimally invasive and robotic surgery to repair all types of hernias. He believes that this provides the most effective repair with the best and quickest recovery. During the surgery, Dr. Boyett secures the organ or fatty tissue back in its correct place and then repairs the weak spot in the muscle. This is often done using a combination of stitches and mesh. The mesh used is based on the size and type of hernia and it functions to reinforce the closure for a stronger and longer-lasting repair. Dr. Daniel Boyett utilizes minimally invasive techniques to help you have a quicker return to your daily life including work, play, and exercise.

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