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      Lap Band Surgery Huntsville AL

      Lap Band Surgery Huntsville AL

      What is Lap Band Surgery?

      The gastric band is a minimally invasive procedure that restricts how much food can get into the stomach.

      Dr. Daniel Boyett places an adjustable gastric band around the upper portion of the stomach and inserts an access port under the skin that allows him to adjust the band based on your weight loss. The band makes a small pouch when inflated, which makes the stomach smaller.

      When you eat, food fills up this pouch above the band. This limits the size of meals and the number of calories you can eat.

      Over time, Dr. Boyett can add additional saline (Gastric Band Fill) to make the band thicker and tighter. This helps patients continue to achieve fullness and weight loss over time. This was a very popular procedure for many years, but its popularity has decreased in recent years due to the success of the gastric sleeve.

      Advantages of the Gastric Band

      • Less Invasive (no cutting of the stomach or intestines)
      • 30 - 50 % average excess body weight loss at two years
      • Reversible
      • No Malabsorption Issues

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      Risks of the Gastric Band

      • Breaks or damage to the band or port
      • Esophageal Dilation
      • Frequent Follow-up for band adjustment
      • Acid Reflux can occur if emptying through the band is too slow
      • Infection since the band is a “foreign body”
      • Stomach can slip through the band
      • Soft carbohydrate or sweet diets can lead to a high failure rate

      What to Expect with a Gastric Band

      Dr. Daniel Boyett performs a gastric band procedure minimally invasively through small incisions in your abdomen. Dr. Boyett uses special instruments and cameras to place the Lap Band around the upper portion of your stomach to create a small pouch above the band.

      The gastric band procedure is usually a same-day procedure, and patients usually go back to work in a week. After the surgery, the patient has frequent follow-up appointments (usually monthly for the first year) with Dr. Boyett to adjust the band to make sure it is the right tightness.

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