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      Weight Loss Before and After


      283 lbs
      BMI 42
      Comorbidities: high blood pressure, arthritis, interstitial lung disease
      Lifestyle: short of breath with minimal activity and unable to do the things she wants to

      1 year post-surgery:
      172 lbs
      BMI 25
      Comorbidities: Off all blood pressure medications and lung medications. Minimal arthritis medications.
      Lifestyle: a great increase in energy and activity levels. Exercises regularly without pain. Feels like a new person.


      Dr Daniel Boyett is awesome! Very kind, compassionate and caring doctor. He listens very well and performs great work.

      - Cory Coffman

      Great doctor that listened to me.

      - Constance Gore

      It’s rare finding dedicated medical staff these days, and I feel like I was blessed with an outstanding team.

      - Cheri Kamel

      Dr. Boyett and his staff was professional, caring and insightful. General Surgery Associates Clinic has their act together..

      - Shayla Matthews

      Dr. Boyett performed a gastric sleeve surgery for me and did an excellent job. I recommend him highly.

      - Anonymous

      Dr. Boyett saved my life!

      - Rachel Neeley

      Dr. Boyett was very qualified and professional and I am pleased with my surgery.

      - Anonymous

      I had great experience.

      - Morgan Stephens

      Great experience. Nice office staff and very well trained surgeons

      - Tom Worthington

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