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      Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery Huntsville AL

      Skin Surgery Huntsville AL

      Dr. Daniel Boyett provides a wide range of services to diagnose and treat skin and soft tissue issues.

      Skin Surgery

      There are many causes for skin spots or abnormalities ranging from benign mole to cancer to infection. Many of these need a biopsy to provide a definitive diagnosis.

      Dr. Boyett can perform a biopsy procedure many times in the office to sample or remove the skin spot and send the biopsy off for further information.

      If the spot is determined to be cancer, surgery can be scheduled to remove the cancer along with a wide margin to help prevent a recurrence.

      There is a large range of cancerous skin lesions that include Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma, and melanomas (amongst others). Each of these requires slightly different care but can typically be taken care of either in the office or as a small outpatient procedure. In rare cases, lymph node biopsies may also be required

      Soft Tissue Surgery

      Lumps or small tumors can grow under the skin. These can be a benign fatty mass (lipoma), a cyst, or rarely even cancerous lesions. More often than not, these lesions can be removed via an in-office procedure or as a small outpatient procedure. Any removed tissue is sent for pathologic diagnosis. Dr. Boyett’s expertise allows him to use advanced techniques to provide the best closure appearance with minimal scarring.

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