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      Robotic Surgery Huntsville AL

      Robotic Surgery Huntsville AL

      What is Robotic Surgery?

      Robotic surgery is a modern method to improve many minimally invasive surgeries by using robotic arms to help hold cameras and very small instruments. Robotic surgery is currently carried out using the da Vinci™ surgical system.

      Robotic Surgery is much less invasive than traditional surgeries. This means there is a reduced incidence of infection and fewer wound-healing complications. There is also less need for pain medicine, reduced scarring, less blood loss, and faster recovery. Robotic surgery produces better vision, precision, and overall control during the surgery as compared to traditional methods. The da Vinci surgery system can be used in many surgeries ranging from weight loss surgery to hernia repair and gallbladder surgery.

      Dr. Daniel Boyett is an expert in da Vinci robotic surgery. Contact us online or call ☎ (256) 669-3638 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Boyett.

      da Vinci Robotic Surgery Procedures

      Dr. Daniel Boyett uses the da Vinci surgical system for the following types of procedures:

      What to Expect from da Vinci Robotic Surgery

      Dr. Daniel Boyett makes a few small incisions on the abdomen which are typically less than half an inch in size. Then the da Vinci system with robotically-controlled cameras and tiny instruments is guided into place and controlled by Dr. Boyett from a console a few feet away from the operating table. There is a wide range of benefits that this system provides including a three-dimensional field of view with up to 10 times magnification and precise multi-axis instrument control. The system allows Dr. Boyett to do the same type of surgeries that can be done laparoscopically, but with increased visualization, increased precision, and decreased risk of infection. Dr. Boyett retains 100% control of the da Vinci robot throughout your entire procedure. Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Boyett will stitch up the incisions with buried absorbable sutures and then glue dressings. The da Vinci Robot system can be used in a wide range of surgeries including both same-day procedures and surgeries that require hospitalization.

      Dr. Boyett received special training in both minimally invasive and robotic surgery during his fellowship at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland and has brought that expertise to the Huntsville and Madison area. Contact us online or call ☎ (256) 669-3638 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Boyett.

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